Stick to the original heart and carry forward the spirit of craftsman

Liu Qingchun Liu Haizhou

Comrade Guo Qiang has been rooted in the first-line workshop since he graduated and joined the company. He keeps improving his work and has the courage to innovate. Do not forget your initiative mind has taken the lead in carrying forward the spirit of craftsmen. He has grown from an ordinary employee to the director of a processing branch factory and has continuously realized his self-worth on the road of life.

Guo Qiang is a post-80s generation who has grown rapidly from an ordinary worker to a branch factory director in Jinyonghe Seiko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Since joining the job, he has been striving for excellence and innovation in his work, devoting himself to production and research and development with a high sense of responsibility, taking the lead in carrying forward the spirit of craftsmen, and constantly realizing his self-worth on the road of life.

On April 27, the reporter saw in the processing second branch of Jinyonghe Seiko Manufacturing Co., Ltd. that technicians were using a multi-channel 9-hole measuring instrument to detect turbocharger precision parts.


Since joining the company in 2009, Guo Qiang has devoted himself to the research of basic metal material smelting technology, precision casting and centrifugal casting technology, automatic tooling mold and new product development. During this period, the "Turbocharger Bypass Valve Research and Development and Application Project" he participated in was selected into the 2015 gaomi city Science and Technology Development Plan and won the third prize of Weifang Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018. "Turbocharger Precision Accessories Research and Development and CNC Finishing" successfully applied for 2017; "New turbocharger precision parts research and development project" was selected for the 2019 Weifang science and technology development plan.


A unique branch is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom in spring garden. While making continuous progress, Guo Qiang also pays attention to the cultivation of the team. At present, many technical talents in Guo Qiang's team have made certain achievements in research and development, design and other aspects, and the reserve innovation power is full. "In the next step, our company is facing a listing, and the company needs more and more talents. I will bring more apprentices in personnel training, so that they can grow up and make more contributions to the company in this regard. At the same time, I will not change my original intention and persevere, and follow the company's pace forever in the follow-up work." Guo Qiang said.

Over the years, Guo Qiang has led the team to achieve many research and development results, including 5 scientific and technological innovation projects in Shandong Province and 10 national patents. Guo Qiang started from an ordinary technical staff position and made extraordinary achievements. He realized his self-worth on the road of life with his unwillingness to be mediocre, the feelings of others and the craftsman spirit of innovation and dedication.


Reporter: Liu Qingchun Liu Haizhou

Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen

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