Summer send cool, love warm heart

In 2019, gaomi city Federation of Trade Unions "Care for Workers, Cool Summer" Campaign Enters Jin Yonghe.

 8Month1Day,In order to further care about the physical and mental health of grassroots employees, convey the care of the Gaomi City Federation of Trade Unions for employees, and effectively improve the production and living conditions of employees in summer, the Gaomi City Federation of Trade Unions came to our company to conduct2019AnnualCare for employees, send cool in summeractivities. In combination with the actual situation of the company, the trade union has carefully prepared cool and refreshing gifts, including laundry detergent, washing powder, soap, shampoo and other daily necessities for employees. Now all the materials have been distributed to the front-line employees, which has won the unanimous praise of all the employees in the production line. Employees have expressed that the "Summer Cool" activity really makes employees sweet. We must live up to the high expectations of our leaders, overcome the heat and high temperature, stick to our posts, perform our duties, and ensure safe production.